How to make an online payment to the County


All County invoices whether they be for Taxes, Utilities, or other Accounts can be paid in person at the County Admin Office, in person at your bank, by mail or online.  Currently we do not accept Email fund transfers.

Instructions for making online Tax/Utility/Invoice Payments:

  • Add Camrose County as a Payee (do NOT choose "Camrose Taxes" as this is the City of Camrose, not Camrose County).
  • Account Number: 
    • If paying taxes, use your Roll Number (this can be found in the first column on your tax notice) or you can use your owner number as your Account Number if you own multiple parcels of land.  If you have one parcel, please use your Roll Number. 
    • If paying a utility bill, please use your utility account number.  Do not use decimals
    • For any other invoice, use your invoice number.
  • Your bank may require 6 or 7 digits for the account number, so you may need to add zeros (0's) to fill the field
  • If you have any questions, please call our office at 780-672-4446.