Driveway Plowing

As the snowy season is fully upon us, Camrose County wants to remind you about the details of the Driveway Plowing Policy.

The County will plow driveways on a fee for service basis, up to 4 times per calendar year, at a cost of $40 per time. In order to request the service a Save Harmless Agreement needs to be on file with the County. You can pay in advance for driveway plowing and then call Public Works to request it when the need arises. If you pay in advance for plowing and then don't use the service in this calendar year the money will be carried forward to next year for your use. Please remember that the requested driveway plowing will occur when the grader is in your area, and clearing the roads is the first priority of the grader fleet.

There are numerous private plowing contractors in the area that are available to residents who require more frequent plowing.  

To see the full Policy and link to the Camrose Directory for Plowing Services click here: